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Arnica is a renowned plant for providing therapeutic benefit to injured or inflamed muscles and tissues. It is indicated for use with bruising, pain, sore muscles, and achy joints.

While Arnica is most widely found as a homeopathic remedy, I came into an Arnica cream product that is more potent than many of the products available which I had previously tried.  As a massage therapist, I have encountered many lotions, creams, salves, and gels that are said to be beneficial but not all of them are quickly noticeable in their effect.  When I tried the Naturulz Ultimate Healing Cream made with Arnica, I was truly impressed! (Note I am not affiliated with the company, but I probably should be!  This review/overview is genuinely independent with no kickback – I’m just telling you how it is based on my personal and professional experience)

The Ultimate Healing Cream was given to me as a gift by a friend who found it so helpful for them, they thought I would also find it to be useful.  I had Tennis Elbow (an inflamed tendon) at the time (a side effect from repeated use and applied pressure within my career) and so I applied it to the area straight away.  The pain diminished noticeably, and I was shocked! I thought it must be false!  After using several products before with no quick remedy, it was quite surprising to use something which provided fast relief.  I will say, in the beginning, I did have to use it frequently to maintain the analgesic (pain relieving) properties, but with continued use the condition improved so dramatically that I needed less and less of the cream until finally 8 weeks later the Tennis Elbow had totally resolved and is no longer an issue.  That’s a huge success!  And I’m so grateful.

Below is an outline of the application strategy I used:

Applied topically every other day for the first few weeks.

Around Week 4, applied every 3-4 days.

By Week 6, I could go a full week between applications.

By Week 8 – symptoms of Tennis Elbow were completely gone.

I now use the cream on my knees, shoulders, and any areas that need additional support after a lot of physical impact from the nature of my work.  It relieves ache like a charm.

In addition to results, I’m interested in ingredients, as well as company mission & philosophy.  I want to share with my clients something I know is both safe and effective, and I like supporting companies whose operation style is based on integrity. Naturulz meets all of these values!The formula includes chili pepper, which provides further pain relief and aids in circulation (which is one of the primary benefits of massage! Together they amplify the therapeutic response in the body). Peppermint, which also contains analgesic compounds with a cooling sensation to reduce that hot pain feeling of joint inflammation and muscle/tissue stress. Carrot seed, which stimulates cellular repair.  Calendula & Chamomile which supports wound healing and soothing.  A great combination of powerful plants!What I like about the ingredients especially, is that I can pronounce them all – they are clean, pure, and simple!  Nothing is experimental, there are “no synthetics, no fillers, no junk”.  Clean ingredients with a safe history and sourcing that you can trust.  Since topical products are absorbed into the body transdermally, it’s really important to be aware of what compounds your body is being exposed to and what effects they have on the functioning of the body.  I am here to support, not hinder, both the feeling and the functioning of the body at its best.  I really like being able to use a product that works synergistically with the work I do, enhancing the overall experience and desired outcome – which is, health and happiness.As for the company philosophy, they work by the principle of the Golden Rule – “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.  That’s a value I can really support because it’s one that I also live by.

For people experiencing chronic conditions, home-care (in addition to massage) is instrumental in recovery and also helps to maximize the beneficial results from a massage session.  Consistency in self-care makes a big difference.  Posture, staying hydrated with clean water, getting adequate rest, breathing deeply and evenly, and utilizing quality therapeutic products all support true well-being.

I am pleased to offer Naturulz Ultimate Healing Cream as a complimentary gift with my membership packages, and it is also available to purchase on my website. To your health & well-being!